mindful superheroAt some point in our recovery we need to take control.

We need to see that no person can make us better, and no medicine is going to completely sort us out.

Yes, for sure – both can help. But in the end, it has to come down to us.

It has to be us that says:

Yes, I a going to work at this. Yes, I am going to try. Yes, I realise that I have to put effort in. Yes, I am going to give it a go.

Many people have been through many terrible things. Abuse, neglect, trauma, and more. Many have spent their whole lives in fear of others – their present constantly tainted with thoughts and emotions from the past.

The modern idea is that we can be fixed. That we just need the right drug, the right person, the right therapy. That there is a way to make things better without facing the pain.

But in the end, we do have to face it.

It is not for me to say when an individual person will be able to make this move. It is not for me to say that they should turn around and face the darkness that lies underneath their mental strain.

I cannot know if I were in their position, would I be able to turn myself towards my pain. To make the leap. To start to move forward.

But there is a point. There is a line. And until the line is crossed, we’re just treading water in terms of recovering from whatever affliction we have.


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Taking Control
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