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If you are wanting a quick and easy method of mindfulness to bring you right back into the moment as quickly as possible, a labyrinth could be just what you are looking for!

They come in all sorts of shapes, all sorts of colours and all sorts of sizes….

A bit like a maze, but with one route all the way through, the labyrinth provides a tunnel of concentration to access the present moment.

How to use

In the diagram below, place your finger just outside the labyrinth, at its one and only gateway. Then trace your finger so you follow the route all the way through the labyrinth to its end.

Follow the finger intently. Be with the sensations at the tip of the finger. Allow the eyes to follow the finger with the steadiness of a cat about to pounce!

labyrinth mindfulness

Okay, it’s easier to do on paper, but you get the idea. Why not print it out. Or click here for a few to start you off!!

Real Life Labyrinths!

And labyrinths don’t just exist on paper. They could be made of metal, or wood. Or stones, or hedges. Or sand. Anything really!

Real Life labyrinths have a similar feel. But the whole body is involved. And there are plenty out there around the world – probably one near where you are.

Labyrinth Locator

The Labyrinth Locator has a list of labyrinths throughout the world:

Chartres Labyrinth

Chartres Labyrinth Photograph by Jeff Saward

Of course you could make your own. Plant a hedge. Rake some sand. Lay some stones.

Get creative!!!!


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Enter the Labyrinth – a doorway to the present moment
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