Three minute Breathing SpaceThe Three Minute Breathing Space

There are times when life just seems to get too much. It could be stress, anxiety, fear, uncertainty. Maybe we just have too much to do.

The Three Minute Breathing Space is perfect to put you back in control of your life when it starts to slip away from you.

It can help bring us back from the narrative of thought by simply directing our attention to what is actually happening.

That’s not to say it can only be used in response to difficult situations. It is also the perfect practice when we just have a few minutes and want to reconnect with ourselves more fully.

The format of the practice

The practice follows a simple format of three separate phases. We start by turning our attention inwards, becoming aware of our posture, the physical sensations in the body, what thoughts and feeling are currently showing up in our experience.

We then move into an awareness of the breath, using the breath in the abdomen as an anchor to the present moment – staying with the in and out breaths for their full duration.

Finally we expand the breath outwards so the body feels like it is breathing through every pore.

Listen to the audio

There are various audio recordings of the Three Minute Breathing Space available freely on the internet. You can download our version by clicking HERE!!

Or you can visit our Resources page, where you will find the Three Minute Breathing Space as well as various other led practices and useful resources.


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