Mindful Recovery Understanding Recovery

Recovery means that we have recognised that our mental health is causing us problems.

And that we believe that it is possible to do something about it.

This initial stage usually involves an aspect of ‘hope‘…..

Hope that we can change, get better, regain some control of our lives, some self-respect, or whatever it is that we feel we have lost.

Recovery, – possibly better referred to as ‘recovering’ – is a process, an outlook, a vision, and a guiding principle by which we can live our lives.

The end goal is not always to be back where we were before the ‘illness’.

Rather it moves away from focusing on the symptoms. It encourages a holistic view of our being,  encouraging us to move forward, set new goals and do things and develop relationships that give our lives meaning

Mindful Recovery

‘Mindful Recovery’ is using mindfulness to help us with our recovery. It puts an understanding of what mindfulness is, and how to cultivate it, firmly at the centre of our recovery toolbox.

It is about giving us the ability to bring mindfulness increasingly into our life. It is about empowering us to take control of our life and move forward to a more positive and healthy place.

Mindfulness practices require effort. They require engagement. They require commitment.

But if we persist with them, we will see benefits. We will move forward in our recovery.

When hope becomes faith

And at this point ‘hope‘ becomes ‘faith‘.

Not faith in some religious sense. But faith as in a knowing that something works. Faith that change is possible. Faith that we can be responsible for our own recovery.

Mindful Recovery is a path towards wellness. It is not always easy. Indeed sometimes it is difficult. But it is a path of increasing confidence and getting to know yourself in a completely different way.

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