One to one Mindfulness Sessions

I understand that attending a group is not always possible for various reasons. It could be that you live too far from a course, have mobility problems, or perhaps attending a course just seems too much given your current mental health.

Whatever the reason, I offer one to one mindfulness sessions in person or via Skype. All you need to do is drop me a line, and we can arrange something that is convenient to both of us.

Who is this for?

I work with people with various mental health problems in my work, from mild anxiety right through to inability to function due to serious clinical depression. But at work I am fortunate to be supported by a network of clinicians and mental health workers.

I strongly advise that if you are suffering from acute mental health problems and are considering mindfulness, you do this in dialogue with your doctor and/or mental health team.

For those with less acute problems such as stress and anxiety, who are not in need of care from a mental health provider, this is obviously not necessary.

The truth seems to be that we all suffer at some time in our lives, to one degree or another, difficulties in managing our mental health. This is nothing to be ashamed of, and mindfulness really can help to bring back an equilibrium, and change our lives for the better.

One to one mindfulness sessions provide the perfect opportunity to relax and explore things in a deeper way, without feeling any pressure to conform, or any need to hide anything from the group.

How I work

The way I work with people is a combination of various techniques I have learned over the years. I use standard mindfulness techniques, movements from tai chi and chi kung, various mindfulness based techniques I have created myself, as well deep-looking and relaxation exercises.

The process in quite intuitive and draws heavily from my experience of non-duality and Buddhism, though there is no religious aspect to what I do.


I understand it can be a big step to contact someone about one's mind and problems in one's life. This journey is not for everyone and it is important that you feel safe and comfortable if you want to proceed.

If you have questions, or would just like to meet me before making a decision, please get in touch. I will treat anything you tell me confidentially, and you really are free to ask me anything you want.


Generally I work in 50 minute sessions. The charge is £30 per session for Skype, £38 in person. When meeting in person, I usually use a room at St Antony's Priory in Claypath, Durham DH1 which is included in the charge. I do not like to see price being a barrier to accessing mindfulness techniques, so if it is a problem, please say.

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